"Envelope of Hope" envelope sticker

"Envelopes Of Hope"

The story behind "Envelopes of Hope"
When Jane Cox was a child she met a successful businessman acquantance of her parents; he had not always been successful, and indeed there had been some times in his life when he had been broke.
However when things were not so good he realised how kind people were, and how much people helped him and his family without being asked. One day in church he made a promise to God that if his finances did turn around then he would find a way to help as many needy people as possible. For the rest of his life he kept that promise by putting small amounts of money in envelopes and anonymously slipping those envelopes into the pockets or bags of many people he met during his day who he thought needed help. He felt that this way he could help as many people as possible with the money he could afford to gift, and he knew that 100% of his money was going straight into the hands of those that needed it
Jane was hugely inspired by this and ever since she was has done the same. Sometimes she has been able to put large of amounts of money into many envelopes, sometimes small amounts of money in a few envelopes, but she has always given away some envelopes every month.
The whole idea is the the gift is anonymous, and is given directly to a needy person.  
The intention is that receiving the envelope does two things the money of course directly helps them financially but, as importantly, receiving a gift from a stranger makes them realise that somebody cares about them - that they are not invisible people, and that there is kindness in the world
What Jane wants to do now is spread this idea throughout the world through a gifting movement known as the "Cascade of Kindness" using "envelopes of hope".  The simple mechanism is a sticker (see above) that people can attach to their gift envelopes - the stickers simply say "Always believe in kindness, and pass the kindness on when you can". Along with the money the giver also puts another sticker in to the envelope so that if one day the recipient can pass the kindness on then they have a sticker to put on to their gift envelope.  This way the movement will gain momentum & spread.
If you would like some stickers please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
Cascade of Kindness
Sydnope Hill Farm
Sydnope Hill
Darley Moor
and please also enlose £1 in unused stamps to help towards printing costs of the stickers

Engage Jane to speak at your event

Jane can deliver incisive, inspiring, and motivational speeches to audiences of all sizes, be it at a company conference, team-building events, or as a keynote or after-dinner speaker.  Her vivacious & lively style grabs listeners from the outset – her extensive business and life experience enables her to effectively present a broad range of training and motivational topics to varied strata of participants, and Jane can adapt her material to suit any company or occasion.

Contact: keith@newlevels.co.uk

What people say about Jane..

"Dear Dr Cox,

Firstly, may I congratulate you on an excellent performance yesterday - it was succinct, logical, inspiring and superbly presented. I am 63, have been to many seminars and heard, possibly, hundreds of motivational speakers throughout the years - I don't believe any have surpassed your performance.

Chris Knaggs, Durban, South Africa

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