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"Secrets of Self-Motivation"

"22 Tools to Defeat Procrastination"

"Maximising Vitality, Treasuring Time"

"Secrets of Successful Decisions"

Fees for her live public events and webinar series run into thousands of dollars, and are always fully-booked, but through her TOOLBOX  series of DVDs you can access core “nuggets” of knowledge from these events at a fraction of the cost.


These DVDs were recorded from live webinars during one of Jane’s  flagship “180/180” programmes  and will give you vital tips and tools to understand and overcome one of the biggest obstacles that most people face in achieving their potential. 


Order these directly from us at £147 each or the set of four for £497 (in both cases including p & p). Simply email your order to keith@newlevels.co.uk and we'll do the rest 

If you are serious about wanting to make decisive, lasting change in one area, or many areas, of your life or business, then the most important step you’ll ever take is the first one!


The Dr Jane Cox FastForwardFramework will give you the ten steps you absolutely must take to aspire, advance, and achieve!


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Are YOU living the life you want to live?  Are YOU doing the things you want to do and know that you can do?  Probably not, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!  But, take heart, for YOU it could all be about to change.  In this little book you will learn what sets the successful apart.  Once you accept that you have as much right to the riches that life has to offer as anyone else, then you are on your way!  


If you are serious about wanting to make decisive lasting change in your life the most important step you’ll ever take is the first one - like everything else it's up to YOU


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Thought-provoking insights and lessons from nine of Europe’s top life, business, and relationship coaches compiled and edited by Dr Jane Cox, founder and principal of the "Total Dynamics Coaching" system


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Engage Jane to speak at your event

Jane can deliver incisive, inspiring, and motivational speeches to audiences of all sizes, be it at a company conference, team-building events, or as a keynote or after-dinner speaker.  Her vivacious & lively style grabs listeners from the outset – her extensive business and life experience enables her to effectively present a broad range of training and motivational topics to varied strata of participants, and Jane can adapt her material to suit any company or occasion.

Contact: keith@newlevels.co.uk

What people say about Jane..

"Dear Dr Cox,

Firstly, may I congratulate you on an excellent performance yesterday - it was succinct, logical, inspiring and superbly presented. I am 63, have been to many seminars and heard, possibly, hundreds of motivational speakers throughout the years - I don't believe any have surpassed your performance.

Chris Knaggs, Durban, South Africa

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